Small Town, Big Hearts

By: Ethan Messinger


A person that lived in the town named Jim Black sent an email to 40 friends about a little hardware shop but it spread quickly to people around the country.


The hardware store had been open since 1857 and they were really struggling. so Jim sent an email to his friends that said " i challenge everyone to spend AT LEAST $20 at the hardware store." After all of his friends got the email they forwarded it to all of their friends.


The store was in Chagrin Falls ( east suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio)


The store opened up in 1857 and it has stayed there since. The day that all the shoppers were told to come was January 21st 2012.


He sent the email because the hardware store was going through tough times and they really needed a boost. Shoppers came in because they felt like they owed it to the hardware store because the shop has been there, their whole life.


If you are wondering how the shop was going through tough times. it was because there are other big box stores that have more objects in stock. If your wondering how so many people shopped there. Well not everybody came in, people were calling also even if they didn't need anything. It was a thank you to the little hardware store
Chagrin Falls hardware store celebrating 156 years in same location is loved by community
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