Book Fair Volunteer Schedule

Spring Book Fair Thursday, March 10th-Thursday, March 17th

This Spring, our Book Fair will not only be open before and after school, but it will also be open on a Science Night and during the parent teacher conferences. We will need several volunteers this Spring, and I want to thank you all for signing up to volunteer your time!

Follow the link below to sign up for a time to volunteer at the Book Fair.

There are 2 types of volunteer positions at our Book Fairs:

Cashiers-Run the Easy Scan system and check students and parents out. At this time, please only volunteer to be a cashier if you have done so at a Book Fair in the past.

Shoppers-Help students and families find books, help little ones count their money, straighten and organize tables and shelves.

Thank you again for volunteering your time! I will contact you by email to confirm your times.