Drink Up!

And please, help yourself to as much as you like.

The US Government loves to pamper its citizens!

The US government has had enough. It already has so much debt and it still pays for Medicaid, food stamps, and welfare; is there anything else their poor Majesties need? The government has helped them for centuries and it seems to never end. Ah man! Are the poor people bored? Well, they have to keep themselves busy somehow, so they give birth. Oh how lovely, more poor people and more debt.

Because the US government loves poor people and I mean LOVES all the poor -as well as the fact that they never stop having babies- it has decided to add a little more flavor to their everyday water. Give them something like propel, sort of like gatorade, birth control -you know- the usual. It will be added to their water though water towers -only in poor areas- for a full year every three years so that they don't get too addicted to being pampered all the time. Then, the solution of delicious water with a hint of birth control will take its course. Because this is such an amazing substance, it tends to have side affects. Not to worry, it only prevents those who drink it from having kids. It's simple, easy, and absolutely tasty.


1) Government doesn't have to pay poor people's expenses anymore. Isn't that great?
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2) The US government has more money to pay for things we really need like safety from our Army and Navy; they need money too!
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3) More money for better education for the rich leading to innovation and a better economy.