How to Select Submersible Deep Well

How to Select Submersible Deep Well Pumps?

Deep well pump selection:

1. Select submersible multistage pumps according to the maximum allowable extraction of water wells. Pump wells pump output must match the actual water inflow, pump capacity must be equal to or slightly less than the actual extraction volume of water wells, otherwise it is bound to have a strong pumping, which will not only shorten the life of submersible deep well pumps, and seriously will destroy the filter, causing continuous sand blows, and even cause wells to be scrapped.

2. Deep well pump must have a diameter consistent with the diameter of the well bore. In order to guarantee the deep well pump to rise and fall smoothly, and there is space for the groundwater to quickly assemble when pumping, free from resistance and reduce the pump running abrasion, the lifting pipe and the wellbore diameter of pump parts are required to be greater than the maximum diameter 20 ~ 40 mm, it means that there must be 10 ~ 20 mm annular gap between the pump maximum diameter and the well wall, in order to extend the life of wells and deep well submersible pump. Industrial submersible Pumps

3. Deep well submersible pump head definitely cannot be placed at the filter tube (flower tube) position, must be under the wall tube (solid tube) position, otherwise sand will surge at pumping, which may destroy the wells. The well structure (hole diameter, flower tube, solid tube position), well depth and pump selection should be decided according to the wells and water wells adjacent hydrogeological conditions (aquifer depth, aquifer thickness, aquifer lithology) and pump operation, ensure no problems in the pump going down and pump operation process in the future.

4. Choose deep well submersible pump according to the allowable yield water wells, and under the condition of hydrogeology allowed, determine the deep well submersible pump specifications and models in accordance with the water inflow of water wells, so as to determine the rational structure of water wells.

5. Choose deep well pump according to the total loss of the head. Select the diameter, lifting range, and power of deep well submersible pump according to the total head loss required by the deep well submersible pump to lift groundwater from the head to the ground pool or towers. The water pressure proportionally increases with the number of flows through the impeller. If a high-lift pump is used for low lift pumping, its flow is bound to increase, even operating outside the working range, under high flow, low efficiency, high energy consumption condition, it seems to accelerate the pumping speed, improve pumping efficiency, but in fact the loss outweighs the gain, which should not be encouraged. Because when the pump flow meets or exceeds the maximum extraction of wells, in less severe cases, the filter layer structure outside well pipe will be destroyed, then a lot of sand will go into the wells. In severe cases, the ground near the well will sink, which would jeopardize the safety of the well.