Literary Devices Found In Two Kinds

Daniel Duarte-Lara 8-24-12


The story is set in San Francisco's Chinatown,which is one of the largest Chinese communitie out  side of Asia. the neighborhood-with its fascinating mix of resturants, shops,business, and religious and cultural institution-is a crowded and bustling place. The area was settled by Chinese immigrants who arrived during the Gold Rush of 1849.
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jing-mei is the main character in "Two Kinds" she is the doughter of the mother. Her mother is another main charecter 
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Conflict: The conflict about their thought of becoming the prodigy that gives the incorrect dicision.Climax: The hard studying of the girlFalling Action: She want to give up everything after her performing.Resolution: After the death of her mother, she realized that the piano is symbolic to her because she realized she could play it and from the help of her mom she accomplished it. 
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Internal conflict

The Internal Conflict is that Jing-mei's gloomy, sad feeling after she realizes that she cannot become the great person her mother wants her to be. Jing-mei thinks to herself, "After seeing my mother disappointed once again, something inside of me began to die; I hated the tests, the raised hopes, and failed expectations. This reveals that Jing-mei feels horrible about letting her mother down. Jing-mei feels she is a child and should be treated like one and allowed to do things children are allowed to do. Mother cares about Jing-mei but nevertheless she wants her daughter to be successful; to be the best she can truly be.
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External Conflict

One of the key examples of external conflict in this story occurs when Jing-mei's mother scheduled piano lessons for Jing-mei without her consent. Jing-mei's mother decides she wants Jing-mei to try her hand at being a pianist so that she can be famed like the little Chinese girl on the . Jing-mei was upset when she heard this, she said, "When my mother told me this, I felt as though I had been sent to hell." Jing-mei's reference to "hell" shows the antipathy against her mother's decision. Jing-mei wanted to be her own person so she was determined not to try hard at the piano lessons. Jing-mei says to her mother, "You want me to be someone that I'm not, I'll never be the kind of daughter you want me to be."(Tan, 51) This external conflict between Jing-mei and her mother serves as a premise for the remaining conflicts in this short story.
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value the things in life.
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