Axis Powers

The Most Wanted power in the World --by: John Galindo

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Overview of Holocaust

A time when Germany, Japan, and Italy tried to take over the world and were stopped by the Allied Forces ( America, Great Britain, & Russia).They were trying to prove a point that the Germans were the supreme race. They tried to destroy the Jewish race.

Definition/ Background Information

The Nazis started out as a political party in Germany that practiced nationalism. It was lead by Adolf Hitler, a soon-to-be dictator. He was the leader of the Nazi Regime. He wanted to take over the world. The Allied Powers stopped them in their tracks.

Original Research Questions

  • What's so important about the Nazis?

They almost took over the world! They tried to destroy the Jewish race & religion!!!!

  • What was their purpose in the world?

To end the Jewish Religion and become the most dominant race!!!


" ...Hitler ordered a national boycott of Jewish businesses for April 1, 1933. It was an ill-conceived plan...." -pg.64 form The Holocaust Library: The Nazis

Importance: It hurt the Jewish businesses, but also hurt the German Economy at the same time.


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Music of the Holocaust