High Jumping Cougars

By : Sly


Cougars lives in Brazil, New Mexico, Canada and most of South and North America. Cougars can live anywhere where they have shelter and prey. The cougars habitat is not as good as dogs are cats because people are cutting down good habitats.

Interesting Facts

More people in New Mexico are killed by lighting than Cougars. The cougar is the second largest cat in North America. Females have large territories. When the cougar is two years old it has to leave its own ecosystem to start its own life. Cougars run 64-80 km. The cougar is on top of its food chain because cougars don't have any praetors. Cougars are mammals. Cougars population in New Mexico is around 1000-2000 cougars. Females have 1-5 cubs at a time.

How Cougars Eat Prey

Waiting for the best time to eat its prey. The cougar migrates as fast as it can to catch its prey. The cougar stays out of sight when its hunting. Cougars devours its prey.

Body Parts/ Body Actions

Cougars are vertebrates because they have a back bone. Cougars have similar body parts as a house cat. Cougars cant roar like other big cats such as lions, tiger and a jaguar. But cougars can pure like a house cat. The cougar has a black spot on the end of its tail. The cougar blends in and camouflage at night .
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Cougars are carnivores. Cougars can eat deer because its in its ecosystem. Cougars can also eat bighorn sheep, cattle, moose, houses, bugs, porcupine and eagles.
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