EDUC 201 Discussion 10.13.16


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In the Delpit article, the following excerpt of an interaction between a student and teacher is provided. What argument is Delpit trying to make by illuminating this interaction? Thinking about language diversity and the standardization of english in the classroom, what's the point here?

TEACHER: Good morning, Tony, how are you?

TONY: I be's fine.

TEACHER: Tony, I said, how are you?

TONY: (with raised voice) I be's fine.

TEACHER: No, Tony, how are you?

TONY: (angrily) I done told you, I be's fine and I ain't telling you no more!

Tony must have questioned the teacher's intelligence, if not sanity.

Midterm Exam Information

EDUC 201: Identity and Difference in Education

AD1 Discussion Section, Wednesday 11:00-12:50 p.m.

Midterm Questions—Due October 24th: Written response due by 11:59 p.m.

(Writing Exercise for Comprehension)

* Use at least 6 different readings and 2 videos (substantive videos) (Up to and including the October 19 readings) in answering EACH of the three questions.

* Include a bibliography page

* 4,000 words or 8-10 pages total over 2 questions

* Use APA formatting (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/)

* One member of your group posts and includes the names of all group members on the top of the page

* Remember to define and incorporate professional vocabulary

* Critically engage your sources in the paper; don’t just quote or summarize sources without engaging them.

* It is not required that you use outside source materials, but it is permissible.

GROUP PRESENTATION - Disability and Education

Stephanie Lawrence

Kristina Beihoffer

Ashely Masengale


What is standard english?

What is proper english?

American Tongues


What is language ideology?
You Talk Funny (And Other Opinions) - American Tongues episode #7

Teasing Things Out - Discuss in Groups

What is the difference between the following?




Introducing Terms

Example: African American Vernacular English (AAVE)

*The perpetual "be" -Rules

Multiple Englishes

Code switching

Linguistic Repertoire

Communicative Repertoire



Take inventory of your own linguistic and communicative repertoire. Map out spaces where you communicate differently? What does this mean?