Essences kite project

How this came about

My kite is an diamond kite. Me, Bell, and Shamara created this kite. You should buy my kite because its worth it. It can fly by the most part. My kite isnt like any other kite in the world. Its better. We used ribbon, wooden dowels, construction paper, sisscors, markers, tape, and a ruler to make measurments. BUY MY KITE, ITS WOTH IT!

Kite math problems

1: If George pocock pushed his carriage from his kite and he had 2 horses inside. He was going to meet Ben Franklin and when he got their he had 7. How many more did he get as he was going to Ben Franklins house?(5 horses)2: Ben Franklin Had a diamod kite with a string of 12 feet. He put it in the air and 6 feet feel off. How much feet of string does Ben have now?(6feet)

model kite

Surface area

surface area of an diamond kite.


BUY MY KITE, ITS WORTH IT! So after seeing this i hope you now know what I am creating in Mr. Shannons class.