A deadly activity

Health issues

Smoking can cause a variety of health issues. For one thing, it can cause atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease that can cause your arteries to harden which can also lead to a stroke or a heart attack from breathing in all of the poisons and chemicals from a cigarette. It can also cause emphysema. Emphysema is a disease that can cause the air sacs in your lungs to lose their elasticity or how much they stretch from breathing. This can cause a person to have an extremely tough time breathing. Smoking can also cause bronchitis. Bronchitis is when the breathing tubes or bronchi in your lungs swell. Smoking can even decrease your circulation which is how your blood is flowing through your body. Smoking is not a joke. It can ruin your life forever. Don't make the dumb decision.

Poisons in a cigarette

Acetone- Removes nail polish

Ammonia- Household cleaner

Arsenic- Used in rat poison and bullets

Cadmium- Used in making batteries

Carbon Monoxide- Poisonous gas

Cyanide- Deadly poison

DDT- A banned insecticide

Formaldehyde- Used to preserve dead bodies

Lead- Heavy metal

Polonium- Radioactive

Vinyl Chloride- Used in making PVC pipes

How much a person spends a year on cigarettes

An average pack of cigarettes costs about 7 dollars. If you multiply 7 dollars by 30 days in a month and then multiply that by 12 months in a year, you would get about $ 2,520 spent on just cigarettes. Think of all of the other things you could be buying with 2 grand. You could put it towards a college fund or go on a trip or pay your monthly bills. Just think about how much money that you spend on cigarettes that you could be spending on something more important in your life. Smoking is a hazard to your health, someone else's health,your wallet, and our world. Don't do it.
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