Created by: Spencer Moore and Jon Perez

Most memorable moment

Mozarts most memorable moment is going to have to be when he was performing for the royal family when he was a small kid. Memories are mostly when they are very young and prominent because it was his first time doing something important and in front of famous people

Most embarrassing moment

The most embarrassing moment is when he collapsed during his performance and he did not even finish. It was embarising because it started to get really bad because there was no composer for most of the time

Favorite movie

Wolfgang's favorite movie would be the hunger games because he realized later on in life it is a dog eat dog world and it is the best man to himself. It's not also about who's at the top at the time, it's about who finishes on top

Favorite book

Mozarts favorite book would be 1984 because he is under the watchful eye of "big brother" or the people around him always making sure he is at his best st all times. He is very corrected and make sure he is perfect because the music he makes is such at a high standard

Wolfies favorite song

His favorite song would be "Peace of mind" by Boston because everything made him think so much and he just wanted to have a peace of mind. This would help him because he was always working so hard and never really relaxed

Salieri quote

" That was Mozart, that giggling dirty-minded creature I had just seen crawling on the floor"
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