The Recipe for Disaster!

The American Civil War


- 1 cup of the South

- 1 cup of the North

- 1/2 of slaves

- 1 tbsp of the Fugitive slave Law

- 1 tbsp of angry Northerners

- 2 cups of John Brown

- 1 cup of Uncle Tom's Cabin

- 1/3 of the Election of 1860

- 3 cups of the Civil War!


1- Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2- Mix the cups of South and North together and you will get a huge argument.

3- Then slowly mix in the slaves and make sure the Northerners don't act badly.

4-Then in a separate bowl mix the Fugitive Slave Law and angry Northerners.

5-Then mix in the rest of the ingredients and spread into a pan.

6-Then bake for 35 min.