DI Update!!

First meeting: here we go!

Three Teams--Three Schemes!

All three teams met today and there was a lot of laughter and great thinking!

I will try to include updates from what I have been told or what I have witnessed.

Families, remember that we can ask questions and teach skills, but we cannot provide solutions. It's so hard, but this is the magic of DI!

All Teams Need to Decide a Team Name by next week.

Three appraisers needed by January 15th!

Fine Arts

The team decided they would base their mystery on the fire at the Library of Alexandria. This will lead to great costumes and a natural mystery. Their Techniclue will be a Code, and they have all sorts of ideas about Traverse Staging, perhaps involving an abacus or different messages on different sides of library shelving.

The goal for this week is to learn as much as possible about the library and the time period...so that next MONDAY from 3:45-5 they can come up with a great plot line.


The Improv team practiced different warm-up games and explored different confined spaces to choose eight for their challenge. I was able to watch them form a letter Z with five people at Ketzia's request... And create proverbs one word at a time. (Yes, there was a quacking duck in a proverb...)

The team needs to practice getting comfortable with one another and listening to everyone. At this point, they are ready to plan times together as a team outside of DI just to begin understanding one another better.


I received several emails from excited team members who told me how much they loved their team and are excited about the project. The team managers who saw them gave huge compliments too!

At this point, the team is exploring unique life forms which use camouflage. At this point, the front runner is a bacteria, with an owl and a hair follicle also in the running.

The team needs to do a bit more research and do a close reading of the definition of life form before they choose their official "Hipster" camouflaged life form. They need to come up with a specific genus and species, so that is their goal for this week.

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