New York

New Netherland Becomes New York

Middle 17th Century

The British were ready to challenge their chief trade rival, the Dutch, whom they defeated in three wars between 1652 and 1674. The Navigation Act cut the Dutch out of international trade, and Britain began to challenge Dutch's dominance of the slave trade. In the late 1663 King Charles II charted the Royal Africa company to carry slaves out of Africa to the British West Indians. British also made moves for the Netherlands.
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Soon New York Takes Over Netherland

It took some years to get things going in this era because England was not the first European power to settle the land known now as New York. The Dutch in this era had everything planned out and that the Dutch West India Company hoped to reap the profits of the area's fur trade. We had no patience after while, we wanted the colony to enrich all their stockholders on the land. In our era slavery has been very dominant, we were the most prominent slave trade during this time. When we heard that Charles II became to the throne, we soon started to become weakened and the English started to become interested with us. In 1664, Charles granted the land to his brother, Duke of York until he became official in the throne. Suddenly when the military increased stronger we had no power to stop them. The military appeared in New Amsterdam, Governor Stuyvesant was forced to surrender and New Netherlands became New York. When New York increased, things changed and people changed. I remember looking back on how Charles found a way to bring back the lands and now New York has become popular. The question is what else will go next in New York.

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