أهلاً و سهلاً - Welcome! - Ahlan Wa sahlan

Meet NCVPS Arabic Teachers

Mrs. Easton

Marhaba and congratulations for choosing to study the Arabic Language! My name is Mrs. Ikram Easton. I am your Arabic 1& 2 instructor. I am very excited to meet you and am also glad to have the opportunity to work with you to expand your knowledge of the Arabic Language and to explore its rich and fascinating culture. To learn more about me, you can go to the link in the course called "Your Teacher"

Mr. Missak

Marhaba and welcome to Arabic 1 class! My name is Mr. Rafik Missak. I am your Arabic 1 teacher. I am very excited to meet all of you. I am also glad to be a part of the Arabic family with NCVPS. I am very excited to know and work with all of you. To learn more about me, you can go to the link in the course called "your teacher"

Meet NCVPS Arabic Language Coaches


Course Information:

  • Course navigation - I will be opening each week a new lesson that will hold work for the whole week and where content is divided by days to help you stay on track.
  • Pasing Guide (Due Date Calendar) – In order to know when assignments are due, you need to print and have the"Due Date Calendar" in your folder each day you work on the course so you can check off all submitted assignments. This will keep you on track and you will NOT fall behind.
  • Grades - you can find "My Grades" button on navigation where you will be able to see your grades. Make sure to check it regularly.
  • Announcements - I (your teacher) will post announcements daily. Make sure you read announcement the first thing you log in to the course every day.
  • Participation and time commitment - It is expected that you log in to this class daily and work on your assignments, discussion forums at least 90 min. daily.

In the first week (ًAug 26-29), we will focus on:

  • "My Teacher" tab on the left course navigation to read & hear more about me as well as to find my contact information.
  • Orientation- Start Here navigation on the left. Make sure to download Blackboard IM and check for Quick Time. I am on Blackboard IM most of AM and PM hours and it is a quick way to get help from me.
  • Messages - If you have any questions use “Messages” button on navigation to contact me.
  • Due Date Calendar - PRINT: Make sure to print THREE copies of this calendar. One for you, for your ELA and for your parents.
  • Please go through every folder in this tab. “Orientation- START HERE & Introductory Module." Please be sure to go through the “ Orientation” tab before moving on to the “Introductory Module”. Be sure to go from one folder to the next in sequence. Read all the information provided, and finish all assignments and tasks.
Due date calendar

**You should print out a copy of this document and use as a check-off list to ensure that you complete everything, thoroughly, and on time. This is only a schedule of the assignments that you are to complete.

Conversations sessions

In this class you will also be assigned a language coach who will help you practice your reading and speaking Arabic skills. You will talk with coach twice a week in online classroom called BB collaborate Classroom for 45 min each time at the convenient for your time. You will need a working microphone to participate in conversation lessons twice a week. I need each student to respond back to my welcome email with the needed information on your preferred coaching time AND to sign up on the google doc below. Click on the navigation tab called (Coaching Time Sign up doc.) and follow instructions.

What assignments are due by Friday, August 29?

1. ____ Save and print the “Due Date Calendar”

2.____ “Orientation- Start Here” tab on the navigation bar: carefully read all information

3· ____ Download BBIM (graded assignment)

4· ____ Respond to your teacher’s “Welcome Email” by clicking on Messages tab in the navigation bar (graded assignment)

5· ____ Getting Acquainted (Discussion Board)

6· ____ How do you learn ( LinguaFolio – graded assignment))

7· ____ Language Coaching sign up doc. By clicking on coaching sign up do tab on navigation bar (graded assignment)

8· ____ Academic Integrity Quiz (graded assignment)

NEED HELP with anything?

There will ALWAYS BE A TEACHER WAITING FOR YOUR QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS from 8:00am-8:00pm during the first week of the course (until we start our coaching sessions next week). To get help, please click on the following link to go to BB collaborate room. If you have difficulty accessing the link, you can go to "Your Coach" tab--> find the "8:00am-8:00pm BB Collaborate room and enter from there.

It's great to have all of you in Arabic 1. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.