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April 6th-10th


*We will kickoff our 2nd phase of online learning on Monday, April 6th. Please remind your child to check their school email and Schoology. Teachers will be posting videos, announcements, and assignments.

*If you are experiencing tech issues or need a replacement (computer or charger), call the help desk at 785-717-HELP (4357).

*If your child does not have WiFi Access, please have them notify their CAT Time teacher ASAP.

*NO SCHOOL- Friday, April 10th

*NO SCHOOL-Monday, May 4th

Please see the PDF below for explanation of your child's schedule. Your student's CAT Time teacher will be making a schedule for your child and sending it their email. Be sure your child is checking emails daily.

FREE WEBINAR: Positive and Productive Childcare While the Kids Are Not in School

Join us for this free webinar.

Positive and Productive Childcare While the Kids Are Not in School

Presented by Randy Sprick

Choose one of these sessions:
April 1 at 4 pm ET
April 8 at 2 pm ET

April 8 at 8 pm ET

As parents, there are times our children drive us crazy! In this time of rapid change and, for most of us, some kind of confinement at home, this can be especially true. Getting through the day can become tense, and we can be unsure about how to discipline our children.

Join us for this free web-based meeting with Randy Sprick. Randy is a parent (and yes, sometimes his children drive him crazy), a grandparent, and a world leader in effective behavior management. His presentation will cover things you can do to help your children learn to behave better and become more independent and responsible.

  • Learn how and when to use consequences for misbehavior
  • Learn how and when to use praise
  • Learn to make daily life more pleasant and relaxed around the house

You will learn that you are already doing many things exactly right and add strategies for making things better! Come and join us for a fun and entertaining session.

Please share this information with parents in your community.

Register now for one of these upcoming sessions:

April 1, 4 pm PT (3 pm CT, 2 pm MT, 1 pm PT)

April 8, 2 pm ET (1 pm CT, 12 pm MT, 11 am PT)

April 8, 8 pm ET (7 pm CT, 6 pm MT, 5 pm PT)

World Geography with Mr. Akagi

Next week for World Geo, we’ll be getting into the swing of things by finishing up our unit in South Asia. We’ll be focusing on India’s large population of over a billion people. I understand this this is a very new system for everyone, and not everything will go 100% right for everyone. That is okay, we will continue to try our best, and adapt. I have the class syllabus in Schoology, where you and your student can examine expectations, and what we have coming up for the rest of the school year. While we won’t get to cover everything I had hoped to, we’re still going to learn about our very cool world.

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