Males in Early Childhood Education

Why I chose this topic...

As a male ECE major, I sometimes feel I have to defend my major and career choice.

Why this topic is important to you...

I want to be sure that you can all be informed and not stereotype your future colleagues.

Male Teachers Are Role Models

  • All teachers are role models
  • However, many children don't have active fathers in their lives (24 million children, or 34% - This is even worse for children living in poverty.
  • Male teachers also show male children that the teaching profession is something that they could go into

"Some of [the kids] don't even have male role models in their lives or they don't have positive ones. . . [Teachers] are meeting their needs, their social emotional and cognitive needs, that they might not get met in any other place." (Bullough, R., 2015)

Why Men Don't Want to Teach ECE

  • Not a "masculine" job
  • Doesn't pay well compared to other jobs
  • The "look"
The Value of Male Teachers in Elementary Schools
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"When a man gets married and goes to his in-laws' family reunion, it is not a status thing to say, 'I teach kindergarten, first grade, or early childhood.'" (Cohen, D., 1992)