Softball team chooses

A look at all your option to a great team

choices !!

Well if you are just starting to learn softball you might want to start with a smaller team because they will have more girls that need help to so it will be easy to learn. If you have been playing for a couple of years a regular team in your town might be a good suggestion to make, now if you have been playing for a really long time and you are great at softball you could sigh up for a select team.

Best seasons to play ⚾️❤️

Honestly to me the best season to play softball during is the spring and fall it's not to hot but it isn't freezing outside.

Most asked questions...

The most asked question would be how do I know if the school I want to go to is the right choice, well its all in your own judgement if you apply for one college apply for the others too, whichever gives you a better option. In the end you should be so happy with your decision. (hopefully)