iPads in the Art Room

Easy-to-use Apps that have a BIG impact on learning

The excitement builds...

Students love to work on the iPads...and who can blame them? There is an art to using them in the art room, and I am here to share what I have learned with you. Whether you're using them for projects, practice, pre-assessment, or just plain fun, the possibilities of learning with tablet technology are limitless!

Some of our favorite apps:

iPads in art


The app Sketches is one of my all time favorites for the art room! It gives the user the ability to select which drawing tool they want, with options including pencil, marker, a pastel type tool, and a watercolor brush. Color options are limitless!

This app can be used several ways in the classroom. Students can follow the teacher in a "draw with me" exercise (this works great for drawing practice). Another option is to use this app in guided group drawing. Students each get a turn to draw something on another students iPad and then pass it in circle at their table. By the time the iPad gets back to the original drawer, it is a completed collaborative piece. Sketches is also a favorite for "free draw" time.

Learning about famous works of art...

Haiku Deck

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Haiku Deck is a brilliant app with many possibilities! Have students research a famous artist and create a "report" using Haiku Deck. Its super intuitive and easy to use!

Haiku Deck makes it a snap to create beautiful presentations that will wow your audience – whether you’re pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement

Here the link to a project example, which can double as project directions.

Drawing, Doodles, & Painting

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Paper by 53 is a really fun sketchbook app. I could see it being used such that each student has their own "sketchbook" to use throughout the school year. The drawing tools are simple and it even gives pre-selected color schemes.
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iPastels will let you create beautiful digital works of art, especially if you're a talented artist.
If you're not, iPastels will keep you entertained until you become one through practice and experience!
Simulating soft (chalk) pastels, oil pastels and color blending, the iPastels app aspires to be as realistic as possible.


123D Create

123D Create

Students love this app! Although there are many options, "123D Creature" is a popular version with children. Create a sculpture and add textures and colors. It's a great introduction into sculpture, as well as CGI animation.

The app has many extended and advanced capabilities, including being able to send the design to a 3D printer.

Story Time!

Adobe Ideas

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Adobe Ideas is a great app for taking a photograph and then drawing on top of it. Kids have creative freedom and the app is easy to operate.

Exploring Art

Photo Collages

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Older students can explore their environments with an "elements and principles of art" scavenger hunt! Review the elements and principals and have students write them on a sticky note. Take your note and your iPad out on the playground and around the school looking for 5-6 real-life examples that represent those artistic elements! Take about 10-15 minutes to find your pictures! Import your pictures into PicsArt or PhotoCollage apps to create a collage of your findings!

Stop Motion Animation

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Stop Motion Studio, is the world’s easiest app to get you into stop motion moviemaking today!


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The "How to Make Origami" app is simple and easy to use. Follow the step-by-step instructions and watch the 3D animation carefully. And don’t worry...you’d have to try really hard to get confused.

Trading Cards

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ReadWriteThink’s Trading Cards app allows kids and teens a unique way to share their understanding of various topics, build study aids for school, or create their own fictional world of characters. This is another great app to use for a research-type art project.


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PS Express. Photo editing made fun, fast and easy. Touch your way to better-looking iPhone pictures using slide bar adjustments, or let automatic one-touch fixes do it for you. Share with friends and family via Facebook, Instagram or text/email.

Game Time!

Tips for using the iPads...

Magnetic Icons

Instead of just telling the students what app we will be using that day, we show them. We have print the icon for each app, laminate it, and then put a magnet on the back. This way the students know what app icon to look for, especially helpful for the pre-readers.

Acceptable Use Policy

We have our students sign this Acceptable Use Policy stating that they will use the iPads correctly and treat them properly.