PACE Newsletter

Week of May 2nd-6th, 2016

Dear PACE Parents,

Last week we played "catch-up" in PACE. Some of the classes finished presenting their research reports. Other classes completed an architecture/engineering challenge called "Three Little Pigs Engineering Challenge". This was similar to an Instant Challenge. Students used various materials to create a house for a "pig" that could withstand the effects of different wind speeds.
My Friday classes WILL have class this week! The paper parent letter stated that there would be no PACE classes this week, but that was for the days during STAAR testing.


Evening with the Experts
Tuesday, may 17th 6:00-7:30
Chisholm Trail High School
3100 NW College Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76179

It's a great time to share what we have learned in this process and a chance to see what other students in the district have created. I will transport the display boards to the event, but the student will need to bring their final product that night to display. (If your child had a final product that was flat--diary, board game, poster, etc.--I will be able to transport those to the high school) I am looking forward to seeing everyone there. If you have a conflict and can only swing by for part of the time, that is great, too! Evening with the Experts is a GREAT PHOTO OPPORTUNITY! Please bring cameras if you would like to get pictures of some really cool things!!
Thanks for all you do!!
Meg Farley


No homework this week!!!

Map of Chisholm Trail High School

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**Save the Date** Evening with the Experts

Tuesday, May 17th, 6-7:30pm

3100 Northwest College Drive

Fort Worth, TX

The students will stand by their projects and have an opportunity to share information as people pass by. It is sort of like a science fair without the judging!

Camp Invention Information

This summer there will be several camps that our district will host. One of these is Camp Invention. It will be held at Willow Creek Elementary from July 11-15th, 2016. Here is a link with more information to this popular camp: . We’ll keep you posted on other camps or summer activities throughout the rest of the year.