Massachusetts 54th Exhibit


Who were the Massachusetts 54th

The Massachusetts 54th was the first all African-American regiment. They were created by the North during the civil war. This group of soldiers faced discrimination. Nobody believed that they could do it. However, every one of the soldiers showed great respect and pride in everything they did.

Training of the Massachusetts 54th

As they arrived to the training camp there were many racial comments from the white soldiers. None of the soldiers knew how to march. Their trainer, and Irish Sargent, was very strict with them. He worked them extremely hard and had no respect for them. They had to be taught left from left, and had to march without shoes.

Facing Discrimination

It was a constant battle of discrimination for the soldiers. They were never treated right. They were always being cussed at, getting glared at, and put below everyone else.

Their Arrival in South Carolina

When they returned to South Carolina, the men were all praised. They went to a party with high class people. Them returning was very important to the volunteers so they could see their family one last time.

Their 1st Assignment in South Carolina

The Massachusetts 54th regiment was told that they were going to collect supplies. They did not know that they were actually sent there to burn and destroy the town.

No Fighting, Just Manual Labor

At first, the volunteers were only used to dig trenches and places for other soldiers to go to the bathroom. This wasn't what they signed up for, however they did it without complaining.

Their 1st Battle on James Island

The Massachusetts 54th held off the first charge from the South. Just as they had thought they won, another line of men came through. They had to use hand-to-hand combat to fight them off. They won this battle and left extremely proud.

Volunteering for the Attack on Fort Wagner

As everyone is aware that whoever takes this assignment will die, Colonel Shaw volunteers the Massachusetts 54th. None of the men complain, they are just proud to finally prove what they can do.

The Attack on Fort Wagner

This does not go well. Every man goes down with dignity and is proud of what he has done. They knew marching in there that there was no chance of them winning, let alone coming out alive.

The Outcome

With showing how those men can fight, they also resemble that African Americans are worth more than they are given credit for. The Massachusetts 54th regiment shows how much pride African Americans have, impacting the nations view on them.