For Future 3rd Graders!

By Natalie, Matt, and Kiera


Theme is very exciting. It helps you understand what book you are reading. So if you are confused on what the author is trying to tell you, all you need to do is ask yourself what is the theme.

Double words are very confusing. Knowing more than one definition for a word can be very confusing. The kind of double word you can learn are like too, to, and two. And there,their.

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Multiplication is fun to do. But it can also be hard. Multiplication is pretty much repeated addition. You can use a number line to help. Or you can use skip counting.

Fractions are exciting to learn. But hard at first. But fractions are really just division. You can use all the different fractions there are. You can learn improper fractions, regular fractions,and equivalent fractions.

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Mixtures and solutions fun. But also hard to describe. You will learn more next year. Mixtures are when you can mix two or more things. A mixture is when you mix things but you can separate them. But in a solution you can't separate them back.

Weather tools are exciting sometimes you might get swept up in the excitement. Weather tools are tools when you need to know the weather you can use the tools to find out the weather.

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Social Studies

Contents are interesting and i don't want to say too much to spoil it. But there are 7 different continents. They are big plates that are along the earth. They are the biggest land forms on earth.

When you learn about Countries you wouldn't want to stop. There are so many countries that you might forget some. Countries are like the usa they are a lot of states and towns that form a country. It will make more sense when you see for yourself.

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Life skills

Teamwork is very important to 3rd grade. Because Working well with your team will not only help your grade go up. But it will help you shine. they will help you make friends and help you be a success and make you a better person!
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Inporant Events

The TN ready is nothing to worry about. Just stay calm and relax and you will do fine. But if you fail the TN ready it will not effect if you go to 4th grade. It is simply a test to see what you learned.
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3rd Grade LCC

Our Friendships

In 3rd grade you will learn amazing things. But the best thing to learn is friendship. All I can wish for you is the best. But the best advice I can give you is to be yourself, work, hard, and,have fun.