All You Need To Know About These Crazy Little Nail Wraps!

What is Jamberry?

★ Jamberry Nails are high quality vinyl wraps that come in over 300+ designs!
★ They are made with a special material that creates a tight water proof bond to your nail when heat and pressure are applied.
★ They are never tested on animals, made in the USA. Non-toxic and latex free.
★ They are easily applied and last 2+ weeks on your hands and 6+ weeks on your toes.
★ Unlike traditional nail polish, they don't chip and there is NO drying time! You can reach into your purse, climb into bed, or do the dishes without any worries!!
★ Allow you to achieve a professional, salon look at the fraction of the cost!!

★ There are also some designs made specifically for younger kids. These wraps are called "Juniors" and are meant for kids under the age of 9.

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What's A Wrap?

★Each set of wraps provide you with 2 full pedicures and 2 full manicures along with 4 accent/party nails! Those with small nails or creative cutting can get even more than that out of one sheet!!

★Wraps are high quality vinyl that when heat activated create a water tight seal lasting up to 2 weeks on your fingers and over 6 weeks on your toes.

★Wraps come in sheets of 18 different sizes. Nine different sizes from pinky to big toe.
★Each wrap can be cut in half to create a left and right side wrap.

★Wraps can be applied on top of lacquer, acrylics or even on another wrap to create fun laying effects!
★There are 300+ different styles and if that isn't enough! Nail Art Studio allows you to upload your own images and designs to make any set of nails wraps you want!!

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How Do You Apply?

Applying Jamberry nails wraps is easy! 1) Push back the cuticles on your nails and then wash your hands and clean your nails with rubbing alcohol, 2) Choose the wrap that best fits your nail, 3) Heat the wrap with a hair dryer or mini heater, 4) Place the wrap on your nail and apply pressure to the wrap, 5) File or use nail clippers to trim the wrap to size, 6) Apply more pressure and heat to the wrap to bond it to your nail. Now you have a gorgeous Jamicure!
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Tools You Need For Application

Most likely you have everything you need at home for application!! Check out my application tools video below for more detail on my favorite tools to use for application!!
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Want To See It In Action? :) Check Out My Application Video Below! :D

One Beautiful Life Application Video - Updated Version!

Application Tools Video

One Beautiful Life - Application Tools

More Deets!!

How to Remove Your Jamberry Wraps

One Beautiful Life Removal Video

Your Jamberry Consultant!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Jamberry!! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Facebook, email or call/text. All of my contact information is below. If you are ready to to book a party, the book a party link below will take you to my party booking form that will collect all the info needed! :D