Watauga River Basin

North Carolina Basin

Watauga River Basin

The Watauga River is a large stream in western North Carolina and East Tennessee. It is 60 miles (97 km) long with its headwaters on the slopes of Grandfather Mountain and Peak Mountain in Watauga County, North Carolina. It's mouth is The Holston River. It is a fresh water river. Some of the cities close by are Kingsport, and Franklin. It is the 2nd smallest river basin in the state. The population is about 23,359. Rivers and streams in this basin are generally of high water quality. Over 95% of the rivers and streams fully support their use, while 5% of the streams are threatened. There are a number of high quality and outstanding resource waters in the basin, with excellent trout fishing. Two fish species, one salamander species, and one mollusc are listed by North Carolina as either Endangered, Special Concern, or Significantly Rare. This is a very small but popular atraction for fishing and rafting.

Plants and Animals

5 Facts about this basin


  • You can acually white water raft and tube down this river.
  • It is known for its white water rafting
  • The difficulty is normal
  • it has different types of fish and amimals and plants
  • It might be small, but people are very attracted to the river and it is easy to get too

Pollution Problems

Some the biggest problems are the burning of trees, the gas trucks, oil, and the livestock. it is mostly the livestock. the bad thing is that you cant really find any good places to plant or grow your food and that is a big problem. People are killing them to eat and feed themslefs and not thinking about the population of the animals.