HPS Technology News

Week 6 Term 4 2013

Where has the term gone?!

Five weeks have flown by and we are just at the half way mark of Term 4. With reports, the Musical and end of year preparations approaching very soon, the rollercoaster ride to the end as begun! Hold on tight and happy smoring!

Cool Literacy Website

Finding interactive websites to engage students in grammatical concepts can be hard to find. However the website ABCya.com is one stop shop for all teachers K-5. The website is developed by the same people who have created Maths Bingo and similar apps that we use at HPS. They have developed an interactive website that allows you to choose your grade level, and within each level that are a range of interactive games which are similar to apps but for the Smartboard! Options also include links to create personalised word searches and crosswords for spelling lists, as well as sight word practice and much more. Great for lesson breaks or consolidating concepts after lessons, this website is a good one to check out.

Something a bit out of the box...

The Week 6 weather forcast looks a bit grim...rain, rain and more rain. We do need it, but as we all know the kids and (teachers) need the kids to go out and get some fresh air and a break! If they can't however due to the weather, a cool website called Wonderopolis can engage all students K-6 in thinking, discussing and exploring different possibilities to all sorts of questions. Based on the simple concept of 'I wonder...' Wonderopolis has terrific multimedia lessons for students and adults alike to explore all sorts of different concepts and ideas. The website has a new 'Wonder of the day' everyday, as well as a search bar to search the hundreds of concepts that have been 'wondered' already. The website provides information to explain concepts as well as engaging videos that prompts in-depth discussions, opinions, thoughts as well as even more 'I wonders...'! I wonder what you will wonder....? ;-)

New iPad apps!

Have a great fortnight!

Alison Miller - Relieving Assistant Principal, Hillsborough Public School