ICEF Inglewood Middle Charter Academy- Home of the Cougars!

It's May... How time flies!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

This newsletter addresses SBAC, RECRUITMENT, TEACHER APPRECIATION and more! If there are questions, concerns, praises, or comments, let me know.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment- IIMCA CANNOT happen without YOU!

Be Great!

Director Collins

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Our Vision

ICEF Inglewood Middle Charter Academy is a learning community of SCHOLAR-LEADERS that are CHALLENGED ACADEMICALLY and embrace the POWER OF REFLECTION with the COLLECTIVE TRUST OF ONE ANOTHER: resulting in the continuous development of a culture of P.R.I.D.E.


  • Girls Build LA- Dissection of animal brains- Went so well that Northrup Grumman is sponsoring a field trip for the girls!
  • YPI and IIMCA- 8th Grade Scholars were dressed to the T at the Pasadena College Fair. They returned ecstatic about their new found college knowledge!
  • Student Council is working hard to get thier first fundraiser off the ground
  • Young Black Scholars (YBS) and the National Junior Honor's Society (NJHS) have participated in enlightening activities after school- Their thoughtful questions have been the highlight of these events
  • Scholars supporting one another in the classroom
  • Scholars performing/participating at various school and community events
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Challenged Academically

  • Spring Board essays, graphic organizers and questions are inherently rigorous!
  • Targeted Group Instruction has pushed many scholars to the next level with their learning- they are controlling their output and we have seen a lot of success with that!
  • Wednesday RTI for our lowest performers has scholars that were once uninterested in progressing in iReady and/or Acellus excited about the growth!
  • Weekly Power Standard Assessments- Last week we had a class that was nearly 80% across the board
  • Increased usage of iReady and Acellus in all classes
  • 8th grade scholars taking the PSAT
  • Rising to the challenge during Wedensday Assembly to earn college challenge points for their homeroom
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Power Of Reflection

  • Monthly All Staff Meetings
  • PLP Meetings
  • Honest Conversations With One Another
  • Reinstating our Leadership Team to address concerns with staff morale and school culture
  • Working Together to Build on our Momentum
  • Teaching Strategies in the Classroom
  • Scholars Reflecting on Negative Behavior and Improving
  • Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) leading PDs and taking in concerns from the team to adjust school-wide instructional approaches
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Collective Trust of One Another

  • Valuing Relationships and Building Trust With Colleagues
  • Monthly All Staff Lunches
  • Sunshine Committee Events and Celebrations
  • Relationship Building Activity During Most Meetings
  • Putting our Scholars Ahead of Everything and Making Decisions For Them
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There is no need to wonder why we are improving in all subject areas, look at how we are working towards our VISION!

Team, continue doing your role/responsibilities to the fullest and we will see our scholars and school community climb to the highest levels!

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MUST Read...

SBAC Testing

SBAC Testing Begins Tomorrow! The ILT has done a fantastic job with presenting on SBAC. Everyone will be receiving an email that encapsulates the conversation and the expectations related to SBAC.

  • Encourage your scholars to do the best job they can- To take their time and think thoughtfully through their answers

There will be snacks in EVERY HR teachers' classroom tomorrow

  • One bottle of SMART water with small dixie cups- If scholars are thirsty, provide them water. They must move their computer to the side, enjoy the small gulp and return to the testing. This is done WITHOUT talking. Every teacher will have a helper or there will be an aide near by. If you need there assistance with this, step outside to find them or send a message to Smith, Lee and myself and we will support you.
  • Hard candies for your scholars that want something simple to snack on. We will have additional snacks available but those will only be passed out at the teacher's discretion. For example, if a child comes to you and says they have not eaten and are hungry in the morning, they should receive the snack.


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Team, we are working hard to increase the number of scholars we have enrolled for next school year. This has become a priority for our school community. As a team we will begin to support Terrance on different tasks related to recruitment. Look out for these emails from him!

Weekly PSAs

Weekly PSAs will be suspended until the week of May 23rd. The next PSA will be administered the week of May 23rd.

Wednesday Weekly Assemblies

Wednesday Assemblies will be suspended until the week of May 23rd. Our next Wednesday Assembly will be May 25th.
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***Save The Date***

We have a busy month and frankly, the remainder of the year will be quite busy! Keep these events/activities in mind when it comes to scholar absences, etc. Allow scholars to make up work if they miss class due to an event.
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Month of May

  • 2-6 SBAC testing (5-6 Make-up testing)
  • 2-6 Teacher appreciation week!
  • 4 Staff appreciation luncheon- More details to come!
  • 5 Cinco de Mayo Assembly
  • 6 Mock CST science test for 8th grade scholars
  • 9-13 SBAC Testing (12-13 Make-up testing)
  • 11 Scholar of the Month acknowledgments
  • 16-19 CST Testing 8th Graders ONLY (18-19 Make-up testing)
  • 18 Cadre Meeting
  • 19 Returning parent orientation (PIM)
  • 19 School site council
  • 27 Sports day
  • 30 Memorial day- holiday

To the world you just may be a teacher, but to your student you are a STAR!

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