Child Abuse

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Child Abuse

Under the age of 15 there are over 40 million kids that are abused or neglected, and every 10 seconds of each day someone reports child abuse. Many countries make this their number one priority out of all there human rights. So why couldn't the U.S. make this our number one priority?

Problems of child abuse

Suicide, juvenile runaways, and abandoned children... these are just three of many things that could happen to a child if they are abused at home. The problem with child abuse is that no one is doing anything about the next generation being abused. Many people may not realize this but child abuse isn't just physical abuse it is also sexual abuse, neglect, and also emotional abuse.

Problems with child abuse and how we can resolve them

Many child abuse cases can leave the child to have low self- esteem, relationship problems, and also aggressive behavior to other kids. Family members can help resolve child abuse by getting help with their children when they are younger and nit would relieve some of that stress that could have been used to abuse the child. There are many organizations that one could contact if they or if someone they knew were getting abused at home.

More information on child abuse

Even though is may seem like a good idea at the time to confront the abusing parent(s), don't! The right thing to do is to call the police and also a hotline and report the child abuse that is taking place, because taking the problem into your own hands can lead to you possibly getting severely hurt.
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