Helmuth Hubener

"long live freedom" ~Hans Scholl

A Little About Helmuth

Helmuth Hubener was a young German who thought that the German people deserved to Know about the Nazi party. So at night he would borrow a radio from his Grandparents and illegally listen to a British newscast that talked about the truth about Nazis. He made flyers to educate the Germans about what was happening.

Two significant quotes.

  • "He wrote a essay titled "Hitler the murder," "Hitler is the guilty one", "Do you know they are lying to you?" Bartolleti 114.
  • "I just want the German people to know." Bartolleti 114. For his actions

two facts

  • Helmuth was beheaded at the age of 19.
  • Him and three two other boys that if one got caught another boy would take the blame.
His Important's in my life
He is important in my life because he had the courage to do thing s other people wouldn't even think of doing.