What are the causes of Moles?

There are two types of mothers in this world. The first type are those who believe that the skin of their daughters could retain its freshness and bloom if they start treating it regularly with cosmetic or home remedies right from the time of childhood or adolescence. On the other hand, another type of mothers are those who believe otherwise. They think that cosmetic treatments could spoil the skin of their lovely daughters which might not show at that time precisely but at a later stage of the life well before old age. So they would rather let their daughters be the way they are growing and not bother make them sit for hours to endure facial treatments. Both type of mothers could be right in their places, but then both could also be wrong.

It is quite true that excess of everything is bad. The same goes of cosmetic treatments. Cosmetics can be very good for the human skin if applied at the right time and in the right proportions. They can do wonders for the human skin which is either losing its freshness or its requisite bloom. People who work upon their facial skin on a regular basis stand out due to the glow one feels issuing forth from their faces. So the mothers who feel that cosmetic or home treatments could be dangerous for their daughters at a young age. Yes excess of the cosmetics plus the wrong choice could be dangerous. If cheap or low quality cosmetics are bought and used on the skin that could be dangerous. But the use of facial treatments within a set proportion, time duration, quality as well as quantity could do no bad; rather it would safeguard their daughters’ skin for quite a long time. Furthermore, certain agreed upon home treatments like the crushed peel of some citrus fruits mixed with milk would be even better for the young and lovely girls. The mothers who apply skin treatments onto their daughters’ faces or other parts of skin to remove moles etc. are quite justified over here.

Home remedies are even better than the cosmetic products that are available in the market these days. This is not because all cosmetics are bad for the human health and are of low quality; rather this is because a lower level of knowledge among common people makes them incompetent to differentiate the good one from the bad one. Common people can usually not recognize which cosmetic could be the right choice for their skin (or the child’s skin) as the quality of the product is not observable by the naked eye. For this reason, some people prefer using the herbal recipes usually concocted at home by the herbal experts of the family, usually the mothers. Our mothers have usually grown up hearing of wonderful herbs and plants from their elders and mothers. They have heard that this herb is good for that disease while that herb is good for that skin treatment, and so on and so forth. Such a store of herbal knowledge comes in handy when their daughters are growing up and their skin needs protection against freckles, skin moles, skin tags, warts and many more skin appendages. how to remove moles with home remedies.

Facials concocted with the help of domestic herbal formulae are no doubt pure and effective in essence. The herbs could be easily bought at the market as well as grown in the backyards or small pots at home at times. The convenient availability of the herbs makes them even more desirable for the treatment of skin moles, for instance. This is why most people would rather go for the herbs. get rid of moles with laser treatment.

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