Jennifer McCurdy

Professional Ceramist


Jennifer currently lives in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. She studied at Michigan State University where she received her bachelor of fine arts with honors in 1978. She then went on the graduate school in Boca Raton, Florida where she studied at Florida Atlantic University receiving her degree in 1980. She has since then been making ceramics for over twenty-five years. She makes her porcelain creation to represent the nature around her.


I enjoy her work because it represents the nature around her in a way that not many people may see it. She uses a porcelain clay which helps bring out the naturalistic feel of it. She uses very plain and artistic colors for her larger pieces that are made out of white stoneware clay to bring out the earthy feel that she tries so hard to put into her work. Every piece is thrown on the wheel and is then carved when it is leather hard, which is a very delicate process. I also like the way that she uses her work to show how she sees the nature around her, drawing the attention of others making them think and see the way that she does.

Jennifer McCurdy's Work

Original Art Work Made By Jennifer McCurdy

Purpose and Elements of Art

I believe her whole purpose behind her work is to show everyone how to look at nature in a new and unique way. She uses symmetry in almost all of her work, she also uses color, shape and texture to relate to her nature theme. Her form and function is always shown within her work as a clean, crisp earthy feel and look.