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October 4, 2019

Growth Mind-set or Fixed Mind-set

I just read a great article, that made me reflect a bit. It is shared in the button below.

We have the power to influence so many families and I wonder what our community would be like if we were able to help each other/parents/children learn to function with a growth mind-set.

Please take 15 minutes to quietly read the below article and be reflective about your personal thinking. Do you sometimes have a Fixed Mind-set with families or children you work with?

What could you do daily to help yourself be more mindful of your mind-set.

Then take a bit more time to think about how you could influence your children/families to grow in living with a growth mind-set. We have such great opportunity to set goals with families (a growth mind-set activity), we have the opportunity to share that we KNOW we can grow brains...this is powerful stuff!! Are you intentional about this topic with children/families?

Good stuff, so powerful!!

Big picture

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Stretching articles:

I will continue to toss in articles that make you go "hmmm, let me ponder this"...please take a moment to read these and talk about them at lunch if you feel like you want a little more thought on this topic.

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