By: Yovanni Moreno, Alexsis Jarmillo, Tracy Griltz


John Deere developed and manufactured the first commercially successful cost steel plow, this impacted the the lives of farmers, because there's wasn't as much work to be done, and the amount of money made was increasing because the machine did everything.

Where we see them today

Today we see steele plows in big machines, that carry like 12 of them and it’s way easier for people to grow plants and other things in a quicker and easier way. instead of having to pay hundreds of workers to plow a field for you, you can just pay to do like 2 fields

Impact On Buisness

It has changed our lives because a person cannot farm as fast as a machine can. A person can pick an acre in one hour, a plow or machine can pick 15 acres in one hour. This is easier because you now don't have to farm all the time, machines do it and make life easier. There is more food, and less farmers. The same amount of food is being produced, maybe even more but with less people working. This is how it changed Americans lives.

The Inventor

John Deere invented the steel plow.