Chloe and her life

Chloe was a fantastic swimmer and her dream was to be in the Olympics. At a very young age Chloe had a devestating car crash.

Chloe woke up and was in the hospital, her left arm and leg was badly damaged and her brain also got damaged,so they had to take out the front of her skull and then once they healed the brain they replaced the front of her skull. Chloe was very well looked after, but she really wanted to get out of the hospital.

After about 10-11 months chloe walk out of hospital very proudly and could not wait to swim again. Chloe decided to go on a Kokoda walk to raise money and to thank the hospital. The Kokoda walk was 96km long.

She was brave enough to go on the walk. The walk was through the forest up and down,after 40 minutes she was so glad to see the finish sign up on the wall. Her legs and arms did hurt but she was glad she did it. Chloe still never gives up and from that day on she practice and practice for the olympic swimming.

Chloe and her life

Just imagine you were so inspired to go swim in the olympics and suddenly your dream was gone by having a car crash.Chloe was brave enough to do a 96km Walk!

Chloe was so happy she did the Kokoda walk and maybe next time

she can do it again.