The Toll Gate Tidings Tana

March 27, 2016 Edition

Important Dates to Note


3/28 - 5th Grade Campfire/DARE Program

3/29-3/31- Kindergarten Registration

3/31- 3O'S "Footprints" program


4/1- Staff Placement Preference Survey due

4/1 - "Don't be a fool - READ!" day - dress as your favorite book character

4/1 - 3P's "Footprints" program

4/4-4/8 - Spring Break - No School

4/11 - K-5 Grade Level Meetings

4/12 - 5th grade night at Trenton Thunder

4/13 - Faculty Council

4/14 - 3O'S "Footprints" program

4/15 - 3P "Footprints" program

4/15 - Dr. Smith's monthly visit

4/15 - End of 3rd marking period

4/15 - Science Fair

4/18 - Gator Gratitude letters

4/18 - Faculty Meeting

4/19 - OW training Grade 1

4/19 - 3O'S to TASK

4/20 - OW training Grade K

4/20 - Spring Birthday Celebration

4/21 - Bus Evacuation Drills

4/21 - OW training Grade 2

4/22 - K trip to Howell Farm

4/22 - 3P "Footprints" program

4/25-4/27 - PARCC testing Grades 3-5

4/25 - 5th Grade Consititution Center program

4/26 - 5th Grade Kidsbridge Mobile Exhibit

4/27 - 5th Grade Constitution Center program

4/28 - TODASTW Day

4/28 - K to "Busytown"

4/29 - PARCC testing Grades 3-5

4/29 - 3P "Footprints" program

4/29 - 4th Grade Kidsbridge Mobile Exhibit

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SAMR/IBL Follow-Up

Thanks to Chris Morgan for leading the SAMR presentation at Monday's Faculty Meeting in my absence. As a follow-up to all of your hard work with IBL and your movement up the SAMR ladder, we will be using the April 27th additional meeting as a celebration of your work. Each grade level/PLC will be asked to share out their progress in either IBL or SAMR, share just one activity over the course of the year, so that everyone can hear about the amazing things you are doing in your classes.

Also, if you wanted an online version of the SAMR wheel Vikki and Chris created, see here. We have extras in the main office too.

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Google Article to follow up SAMR

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March is our Reading Spirit Month!

Our last spirit day will be this Friday, April 1, Don't be a Fool - READ! Dress up as your favorite reading character.

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Annual Process

To build on last week's information about your Annual, PGP, SGOs...please see the link for PD hours that you can list on the bottom of your PGP for this year.
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Staff Placement Preference Survey for 2016-2017


It's about that time! Please take a few minutes to think about next year and where you would like to be working in the building. This is for both teaching staff and paraprofessionals!

Please remember: this is your WISHLIST. There is no guarantee that you will get your first or second choice, it just helps me better understand people's desires and then look for best fits. A lot goes into creating the schedule, and while I try to accomodate people's wishes, that cannot always happen.

Please have this form completed and submitted by Friday, April 1st. Thank you!

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PARCC Testing

We are about one month away from our standardized testing week. It looks like we did not get granted a waiver for the field test. So...our schedule will be:

4/25 - 4/27: ELA portion

4/28 - TODASTW Day

4/29 - ELA Field Test

5/2-5/3: Math portion

5/4-5/9: Make-up testing

Training for all staff will occur at the April Faculty Meeting (4/18). Please be sure to attend this meeting.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the "PARCC" link under "Staff" on our District Website. See below - just make sure you are logged in as a staff member with your, or else you will not be able to view the page.

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TA Basics - check this out

Thanks to JIll Bacso for creating a "Test Administrator Basics" guide. This is a good review for all staff involved with testing.

One thing to note that is new: PARCC will not work with Chrome this year. You need to use another browser.

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Here are some practice tests for your students to try...

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In case you missed it...

Make sure you check out Vicky Pilitsis' monthly math/science newsletter, lots of fraction and PARCC-related tips:
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ClassDojo and Growth Mindset

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Quote of the Week

"Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."

Thomas Edison,

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