Coaches and Scouts

Champions aren't made they are born to be champions

Tasks & Conditions

Tasks :

  • Plan, organize, and conduct practice sesions
  • Hire, Supervise, and Work with
  • Select, acquire, Store, and Issue equipment and Other materials necessary
  • Monitor the academic eligibility of student atheletes
  • Explain and enforce safety rules and regulation

Conditions :

  • Irregular work hours
  • They often work weekends ahd holidays
  • Develop and arrange competition schedules and programs
  • teach instructional courses and advise students
  • monitor the academic eligibility of students athletes
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In the state of Alabama

Hourly Range : $o.oo to $o.oo

Yearly Range : $ 16,260 to $ 66,200


Classes required :

  • Usaully acquired through years of experience at lower levels

Type of degree/degrees required :

  • Immense overall knowledge
  • Certification to become a head coach