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What's Happening to my Email?


ALL MVSD Email accounts will transition to Gmail accounts effective June 10, 2016.

Why do I need to change my password on Microsoft Exchange now? I thought we were changing to Google Gmail.

In order for you to be able to OPEN your new Google Gmail account, we need to associate the new account with a password. To do this, EVERY teacher and staff member will need to go into their Microsoft Exchange account, and change their password. The password that you use for this, will be the password that will be associated with your new Google account. DO NOT FORGET THIS PASSWORD!!!

Below is a link to a screencast on how to change your password:

Some Information On Our Move to Google Gmail

One of the Apps included in GAFE is their email app which is Google Gmail. Therefore, our move to GAFE means that our current email, Microsoft Exchange Email, will be replaced with Google's Gmail. If you mainly use the web-based email for Microsoft Exchange, which is also called Microsoft Outlook Web Access, you will now need to use your Google account to log in to use Google Gmail.

So, our current domain,, will be changed to our new Google domain,

I don't see my Calendar and Email Contacts. Will my Outlook Calendar(s) and Contacts show up on my Google account?

Yes. Your Outlook Calendar(s) and Contacts will be migrated over starting on Friday, June 10, 2016. The synchronization will take place during that weekend, so it should be completed by the time you log in again on Monday, June 13.

Why are we switching our Microsoft Exchange email to Google Gmail?

Since our District is migrating into a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district, we would have the ability to use one of their featured Apps, which is Google Gmail. Plus, its ability to integrate seamlessly with Google Calendars is excellent. Another main benefit of using Gmail, on the technical side, is the ability for them (Google IT department), and not our MVSD tech department, to deal with any issues that may cause email servers to go down--and essentially make our email unretrievable. Since, Google deals with their own email servers, the uptime for their email is 99.9%. So essentially, from this point on, chances of our email 'going down' will be very slim.

Do I need to tell everybody about my new work email address?

Yes. Since we will be migrating over to Google Gmail, you should start sharing your new email address (, since we will no longer be using our Microsoft Exchange account (

What if someone sends me an email to my Microsoft Exchange account ( after we've already switched to Google Gmail? Will I receive it?

Yes, you will receive it. Emails that are sent to your Microsoft Exchange email address ( will be redirected to your new Google Gmail account ( You will not LOSE or MISS any emails sent to your old email address. So, EVERYTHING sent to you, regardless of the email address they use, will show up in your Google Gmail Inbox.

How do I move any emails that I have saved on Microsoft Exchange to my Google Gmail?

You will not have to move any of your saved emails. Currently, we are working with a Migration Specialist that will be moving over all data from our Microsoft Exchange account to our Google Gmail account. It will be done during the summer, so, by the time we return from our summer break, all data from the Microsoft Exchange server (entire Inbox of emails as well as folders of saved emails) will be migrated into your new Google Gmail account.

**One thing to consider, this NEW account is a CLEAN account. The emails that you decide to migrate over to your Google account ARE NOT going to be put in folders, like they are in Microsoft Outlook Web Access. Gmail uses a Label system, which is slightly different than a Folder system. Everything left in your Inbox on Microsoft Exchange will be migrated into your Inbox in Gmail. So, you may consider taking a look at those emails and determining if you really need to bring them over to your Google Gmail account.

Will I be able to still go into my Microsoft Exchange Email account?

Starting on Friday, June 10, the Microsoft Exchange account will be VIEW ONLY. You will not have the ability to compose, reply, delete, etc. from Microsoft Exchange, anymore. All these functions will need to be done through your new Google Gmail account.

If this is a Google account, how come our email doesn't end with

For those individuals that already have a Gmail account, they notice that their email address ends with the domain If their email address ends with this domain, that is considered a personal Gmail account. Our District applied for a Google Apps for Education account and created the domain So, this is how you can differentiate your work Gmail versus your personal Gmail.

Are there any differences between our Microsoft Exchange email and Google Gmail?

Yes. There are differences between the two. Here is a link to show the differences between the two email applications:

Will there be any trainings on how to use our new Google Gmail account?

Yes. During this last year, the Teacher Technology Leaders (TTLs) at each school site have been receiving monthly trainings on aspects of technology that they can integrate into their class. They've also had an opportunity this entire year to use Gmail, since they have all been set up with the new work Google account since September. They will have an opportunity to work with their school site staff on the uses of Google Apps for Education (GAFE), including Gmail.

Is there anywhere I can go to get more information about Gmail?

Yes. Google has an excellent resource called Google Apps Learning Center. It gives you some excellent documentation on not only Gmail, but all of the applications included in the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) suite.

Ricky Villacorte

Instructional Technology TOSA

Mountain View School District