Kavraj Dhaliwal

Do NOT put to much information on the web!

To much information on your profile will help hackers!

#2 Do NOT show your location

Showing your location will let people know where you are and will help robbers.

#3 Do NOT harass others.

Harassing others on the web will allow police to arrest you.

#3 Do NOT share your passwords

Allowing other people to know your password can hurt you because those are not always going to be your friends

#4 Be caureful for what you post

If you post something inappropriate it can go against you, EX. a SUSPENSION.

#5 Do NOT cyberbully

Cyber bullying can cause great affects on people's lives. It can lead to suicidal death or even deep depression.

#6 Do NOT make other fake accounts of others

Making fake accounts on others is also considered cyber bullying. It gives reasons for the police to arrest you.

#7 Texting and driving is illegal.

Texting and driving is illegal and you can cause an affect on peoples lives.
Texting and Driving Crash Caught on Camera - texting crash in Florida

#8 Have a password that no one will guess.

Having an easy password will allow people to get into your accounts easier.

#9 Do not copy others work.

It is called plagiarism and it has serious consequences

#10 Use the web for fun and important things

Do NOT use it for something you know is going to get you in trouble. Have fun on the web and learn new things.