Lady Macbeth

wife of Macbeth, hostess, noble woman

About the Story

Macbeth receives a prophecy by three witches who predict his future. When one prediction comes true, Macbeth thinks the next one might as well. He wants the prophecy to happen by chance, but his wife will not let him. Macbeth decides to force his way through the prophecy until there is nothing left to lose except his power.


How I feel about the story.

My personal feelings about the play vary widely from mournful, to myself being fascinated by the reading. I feel mournful because some of the people that Macbeth murdered or the people that were murdered by the ruffians hired by Macbeth, did not deserve to die. Macbeth did the bad deeds so that he could assure himself that the crown and power was his in the end. The problem was, that in the end, Macbeth was murdered and stripped of all titles. I am fascinated by the intensity of the play; from the prophecies, to the actions of the characters, there is always a new obstacle awaiting another character.

Christine Baker Period 7