Conserving Household Water

Every drop counts!

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Ways to conserve water?

We can conserve water in many different ways, for example, instead of using the dishwasher just hand wash your dishes, flush the toilet when you really need to, take at least five minute showers, turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, use re-useable water bottles, wash only full loads of clothes, and fix leaks around the house.

The benefits of conserving water

- You save a lot money

- Lowers water pollution and health risks

- Protects water resources

- Saves energy used to pump, heat, and treat water

- Saves the cost of water supply and wastewater treatment places

Why do we need to conserve water?

Earth's water has 97% salt water and 3% fresh water, if we don't conserve water now our water supply will probably have NO MORE fresh water! 75% of earth is water and only 3% of it is fresh water, we are polluting our water source in many ways everyday, if we don't start conserving, we may run out of drinkable water completely and will have to rely on our natural water source, the rain.

Conserve water now! Save our world

Conserving water is a huge impact to everybody's day to day lives, but every little bit helps, so don't think that just turning of the tap when brushing you teeth doesn't matter/doesn't help the world, We have to make changes in our lives so that it will change the use of our water supply. Conserving water needs to be a way of life and taken seriously by people. If we all do our part in conserving water, we can make a huge difference for the environment. Every drop counts!