By, Jessica Connour and Angel Lorton

What is a Watershed????

A watershed is an area of land that is drained by a water system. Also it is known as a drainage basin.

Largest Watershed in the United States of America!!!!!

The Mississippi Watershed has 100 tributaries that extend from the Rocky's in the west to the Appalachian's in the east. And it covers more than 1/3 of the United states!

Other Major Watershed in the United States!


Why are Watersheds important???

Watersheds are important to protect. They provide many of us with our drinking water supply, plus recreational opportunities and aesthetic beauty.

Want to Help Protect a Watershed???

Go to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's website at cfpub.epa.gov/surf/locate/index.cfm, or at the U.S. Geological Survey website at water.usgs.gov/wsc