Looking for Car Hire in

Burleigh Heads? It is a Great Place to Start

Looking for Car Hire in Burleigh Heads? It is a Great Place to Start

If you are looking to hire a car on Gold Coast car then you will not be short of options, that is for sure. With so many car hire companies around it pays to shop around to find the best deals, but you must be careful that the car you get is going to be comfortable and up to the job you need it to do.

When it comes to Car Hire Burleigh Heads has a few choices available. Before you decide upon the type of car you need, however, you need to remember just a few things:

  • How many people will be travelling in the car? You need to make sure that your chosen car will be plenty big enough for the number of people in your party. Remember that a medium car will soon get uncomfortable with five larger than average adults and a few bags or suitcases, not to mention any bags of shopping.

  • How far will you want to travel? If you need the car for shorter journeys the space and comfort may not be such a big issue.

  • Where do you want to collect the car? Some car hire companies will provide a collection and delivery service for added convenience. Of course if you need to hire a car directly from the airport then you will be able to pick up a car directly from there, but if you want to drop the car off in a different location after a road trip you do need to check the possibilities of this before you rent your car.

  • How many drivers will there be? Anyone who wants to drive the car must produce their driver’s license at the pick-up point and have a clean driving record. Many car hire companies also have a maximum and minimum age policy for their car rentals.

  • What about extra breakdown cover? The insurance packages which are offered with hire cars are not always the same. Be sure that you know exactly what is covered in your policy before you drive away to safeguard yourself against future surprises.

There are plenty of car hire companies in Burleigh Heads to choose from so you really ought to be able to find the perfect deal for your needs. Many offers are available at extremely competitive prices, particularly if you hire a car for a number of days.

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