Friday "ROAR"

Friday, May 31st, 2019

A Note from the Admin Team

We have almost come to the end of our journey of the 2018-2019 school year. It has been a great year. As we enter the final week, let's remember the importance of student safety and supervision. We will continue to use the "early" recess schedule for the remainder of the year. Since Wednesday and Thursday are half days, we will not have recess. Please remember that class parties should take place on Tuesday, which is the last full day of school. Please review Nurse Hanzlik's email about food allergies and be alert to your students with food allergies during the party. More information about how June 7th will look. Have a restful weekend.. We're almost there!
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Tips for Teachers from Dr. Gilbert



Managing stress effectively will improve your physical and psychological health and make you happier. This will be a reward in itself. Nonetheless, more tangible rewards can also be a help. Promise yourself treats – however small – when you meet your goals.

End of Year Classroom Parties

As we have done in the past, all end of year classroom parties should take place on Tuesday, June 4th. This will ensure that the last two half days run smoothly and on timely. 5th grade's cookout served as their end of the year celebration, but K-4th grades should plan to have your celebrations on this day. Please communicate this information with your parents and check with your team leader for ideas for this celebration if you are unsure.


PD Express is going away!

PDX will be going away next year to be replaced by a different app. We’ve been assured that everything currently stored in PDX will be transferred. I also know that some of you will want to preserve the record of the renewal credits you’ve earned yourself. Click here if you need to know how to do that!

While you are there, sign up for the Killian TLC PD so that you may receive your your technology PD hours for this year.

The DEADLINE is Monday at 3pm. Your hours will show up by Wednesday so that you can print them off or save to your drive before PD express goes away.

Closing Out for the Year

Hi Everyone! Thank you for your patience with chrome books. I will continue locking carts and collect devices that need work orders next week. Please make sure your students clean, remove users, and note if the device has any damages for Grades 3-5.

I will collect items for the smartboards in ziplock bags and signing checkout forms starting Tuesday. I will come to you. Please do not hunt me down. Based on the admin sign out form I will work around that schedule.

Please ensure the wall that your Smartboard is on is completely clear of any attachments!


Remember when you sign out your summer device, you need to sign it out for 2019-2020 school year.


Grades 3-5 - Please leave a note for the devices you want Porter to put workorders in for the summer technicians. Keep in mind the other devices will be your devices next year. You may have your students wipe with a clorox wipe and remove the users if you'd like. Mrs. Porter will make her way to lock those carts over the course of two weeks.

Grades K-2 -

Your Silver Samsung devices will be disposed by the district. You will not need to do anything to them. If you have black and blue chromes follow the Grade 3-5 directions.

Teacher Devices

If you need your Chromebook for in-service or over the summer you will check it out during checkout and swap your chrome with your new device next year when your laptops arrive.

End of the Year Check Out

Your end of the year check out packets were placed in your mailboxes. For your convenience, I have attached the packet. Please make sure you sign up for a time slot to be checked out by Mr. Franklin or Mrs. Council. Be sure you have completed all steps on the checklist before your scheduled time so that we can move efficiently. Click here to access the End of Year Checkout Packet. Click here to access the End of Year Checkout Sign Up Sheet.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

What's Going On?

Week of June 3-7

Media Rotation Week

Monday, June 3

Grades 3-4 Awards Ceremony

Killian Store Open

Tuesday, June 4

Killian Store Open

End of Year Class Parties

Wednesday, June 5th

Half Day- Early Dismissal

Thursday, June 6th

Half Day- Early Dismissal

Last Day of School

Friday, June 7th

Teacher Work Day