Kindergarten K-B News

Childhood is a journey not a race

Field Trip News-Update

On Thursday (June 11th) the Kindergarten Classes will be going to Davis' Farmland.Luckily we were able to reschedule and hopefully Thursday will be a better day! Children should not wear open toed shoes as we will be at a farm with all of the things you don't want to step in on a farm! Please remember to pack a snack and lunch including drinks! We will not be going into shops so children do not need to bring any money!

Reader's Workshop

Last week we worked on a project where we wrote and talked about some advice for the new incoming kindergarten! I videoed some of the advice and some of the introductions the children did of staff at the school. I am working on that one! But here is the clip we did for the end of the video with our reading buddies!

This week we will spend some time rewriting the poem "One, Two, Button my shoe."

So as always continue when reading to practice reading strategies, children should use Eagle Eye first (look at the picture), Lips the Fish (get your lips ready to make the first sound), and Stretchy Snake (stretch out all the sounds in the word). If the word does not make sense or sound right then try Flippy Dolphin and flip the vowel sound!

Violin Rocks

What fun we had this week at Violin Rocks! The kids were "rockin" right along with him!

Summer Birthday Day!

A few of our friends have summer birthdays. So that they do not miss their day in the sun at school on June 17th we will have Summer Birthday Day! All our summer birthday friends will get a birthday crown and a bracelet and if they would like to bring in a treat to share that day- we would love it!

Math- Module 3 Comparison of Length, Weight, Capacity, and Numbers to 10

Topic in Lesson 23-Reason to identify and make a set that has 1 more

Topic in Lesson 24= reason to identify and make a set that has 1 less

More information can be found at the website


Field Trip to Davis' Farmland- June 11th.

Kindergarten Musical- June 12th at 9:00 in the auditorium.

Field Day - June 16th

Summer Reading Kickoff June 16th 6-7 pm

Summer Birthday Day June 17th

Last day of school (half day) June 18th

Trick Words

Little am I the to my for is can me and

play we he like have she you look see come go

said are was of her that with love from here this

has went so by do they what. went do they where

green yellow brown who purple blue orange

why white red black