The Key to the Memory Palace

By: Taylor Mattison

Why did I chose the Memory Palace?

I chose to research this topic because I have always been interested in the brain and as well as the different ways a person can remember old memories. My research can help me to create my own personal Memory Palace and it can help others learn more about this topic.

What is the Memory Palace?

The Memory Palace (Method of Loci) is a memory technique that uses familiar locations to store memories or items. The familiar place you chose will help you guide your way to find the items that you have associated with the place.

Psychologist that study this topic

This idea was adopted in Ancient Rome and Greek rhetorical treatises. Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote a book called ,De Oratore in 55B.C. where he described the Method of Loci. Frances Yate described this topic as an 'imaginable' technique known to Romans and Greeks in her book called, The Art of Memory. Many people today try to create their own personal "Memory Palace" in their own brain to help them with memory.

Interesting Facts!

  • Almost all of the memory contest champions use the Memory Palace method
  • Proved to be one of the most used and effective mnemonics
  • Can use any familiar place to use as your own "Memory Palace"