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September 9, 2018

Car Line Procedures

Thank you parents who drop-off and/or pick-up for your cooperation in the car line. We will continue to work together to make our arrival and dismissal as safe and efficient as possible. A few reminders...

  • Students are not to be let out of vehicles until 7:10, as that is the time supervision begins and we want to keep them safe.
  • Please make sure you are pulling forward as far as possible, as it slows the line down when vehicles aren't moving ahead as far as they can.
  • Children should always exit the vehicle from the right side.
  • If you are looking for a faster way to drop-off children in the morning, consider using the middle school car loop. Children are able to walk under a covered walkway from the middle school side of campus to the elementary side, and are visible to staff at the elementary school the entire way.
  • However, if a child needs help exiting the vehicle, please drop off on the elementary side, not at the middle school. We have student leaders stationed along the elementary car loop who can assist with helping children get out of their vehicle.

Check In Procedures

We welcome visitors at Gold Hill, whether that's volunteering, eating lunch, or helping out in the classrooms! When you enter the building, you will need to stop by the office first and check in. You will need to complete the check in process using your driver's license. Once you receive the visitor's pass, then you will be able to proceed to your destination.

If you are volunteering or helping in a classroom, please make sure you are communicating with your teacher prior to coming in, so that they always know to expect you.

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Help Needed!

Once a month we celebrate our staff and teachers birthdays by hosting a birthday party! We need volunteers to help by providing sweet treats and goodies. This day always coincides with Duty Free Lunch, so sign up at the link below to bring in a treat and while you're at school, grab a Duty Free time slot!!

From Literacy Coach Mrs. Dickson

Supporting Early Literacy at Home: A Parents’ Guide is an online resource designed to provide information for parents and caregivers so that they can support their children’s early literacy development. Research shows that parent/caregiver involvement is the number one predictor of early literacy success as well as future academic success. The guide provides information and strategies that will equip parents and caregivers with tools to support children from birth through the beginning years of school. Each module includes a video introduction, resources to view, resources to read, and a place to reflect and respond.

From Technology Teacher Mrs. Clark

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See website link below...student login is their Google username and password

Monthly Guidance Class Topics from our Counselors Mrs. Archuleta and Mrs. Costanzo

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