The Brain Behind Every Building!

An Architect's Job

There are different types of architects, but generally they design and sometimes supervise the construction of buildings or other large structures. Salaries would vary depending location, size of building, etc

Why An Architect??

1. It’s a lifestyle, not a job.

2. People respect architects.

3. Job is constantly evolving.

4. Artistic freedom and personal expression.

5. You can be your own boss.

6. You can positively impact peoples lives

7. Experimentation is expected.

8. Longevity of Career

9. Incredible variety of options within the profession.

10.Challenging and Exciting Work

Believe It or Not Some of the Worlds Biggest Buildings where built by Architect

Sure, Sounds Simple Enough

School For How Long????

It now takes an average of EIGHTEEN Years to become an architect. You need approximately 5 years of undergraduate plus 3 more years of graduate school. Then you must complete the requirements of the Internship Development Program. This means that licensed architects must supervise you as you complete a certain number of hours doing a certain number of different categories of architectural practice. In order to get all of your hours, you will probably need to job hop quite a bit, incurring moving costs each time. The IDP was intended to take three years. On average, it takes people 9 to 10 years. Once you have completed the IDP, you will be allowed to take the Architectural Registration Examination. There are seven parts. If you fail one part, you will be required to wait six months before you are allowed to retake that part.

What do I need to Do?

It may sound easy but being an architect takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and if you don't think they do much .... THINK AGAIN! First to become an architect you need to have an interest in buildings and their uses, have practical and scientific skills, and a methodical, logical and "analytical" approach. By "analytical" approach I mean being able to Divide elemental parts into basic principles. And of course you need CAD ( Computer Aided Design) skills strong mathematical ability to work out costings; also good business awareness with communication and negotiating skills

Branch of Science??

Architecture is placed under "Physics" the second Branch of Science.

EXCUSE ME!!! Why do you want to be an Architect?

I wanted to be an Architect because it's what I love. I was born to be an architect. I love to design and love to build and be the group leader and supervising.