3rd Six Weeks Project

By: Breana Boman

Point of View

1st Person- The narrator participates in the action of the story.

3rd Person- The narrator tells the story using third person pronouns such as "he" or "she".

Revising and Editing Techniques

When revising and editing drafts check to ensure that the draft has precise wording that gives vivid images, correct grammar, the story has a beginning middle and end and correct spelling.

BrainStorming Ideas

Before you write a story you must have a good organization strategy to make sure you know what you want to write and to figure out where you want your story to begin and end.


There are four different types of narratives. These are: Science-Fiction, mystery, fantasy and time travel.

Influence of Setting and Plot

The plot of a story can happen virtually anywhere, so the setting could most definitely change the layout of the story. Where, per say, a story would be different if it was set in Hawaii than it would be if it was set in Antarctica.