Room 26 Newsletter

February 1, 2016

Greetings & Notes

I hope you all enjoyed the rain this weekend! Our first semester of the year has wrapped up. Report cards will be coming home on 2/19.

Upcoming dates:

February 10 - Spelling Bee (Congratulations to our class champions: Christian, Paolo, Jasmine, Charlie, and Jake! These five amazing students will be representing Room 26 in the LCM Spelling Bee.)

February 12-15 - School Holiday (President's Day and George Washington's Birthday)

Class Wishlist:

Our class needs a few supplies. If you happen to be at Costco, Staples, Target, etc. and would be willing to donate any of the following supplies, I'd really appreciate it:

* Light yellow copy paper

* Dixon Ticonderoga pencils (they sell a large box fairly inexpensively at Costco)

* Canon 250 PGBK toner

Thank you!!!

Academic Updates

Language Arts

Students will be taking the Unit 3 District ELA Assessment this week. It will take 3-4 days to complete. This is a rigorous reading comprehension test with a writing component. Please encourage your students to get a good night's sleep each night, eat a healthy breakfast (with protein!) each morning, and bring a good, healthy snack for recess so their brains are fueled to do their best thinking! Also, encourage your child to take their time, read all of the texts and questions very carefully, and to do their most careful work.


We are beginning our Decimals Unit this week! It will be important to review place value from unit one. Students need to clearly understand the value of each digit, whether it is a whole number or a decimal fraction. It is essential that the kids know the significance of the powers of ten; increasing by powers of ten as numbers move toward the left, and decreasing by powers of ten as a number shifts to the right.

Students will be expected to order decimals, compare values, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. We will begin with building a strong foundation on the meaning before we use operations with decimals.

Social Studies

We are continuing our unit on the American Revolution. Students have been learning about the events, acts, taxes, and conflicts that led to the revolution. We will be incorporating Liberty Kids into our lessons! This is a great little series of videos put on by KPBS that hit many of our fifth grade social studies standards relating to the American Revolution such as The Boston Tea Party, The Intolerable Acts, and Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. This resource helps kids take the text book and make the content easily understood.

There is a States & Capitals test this Friday. Make sure your child is practicing each night! See my website for some helpful online games/tools.


We are continuing our unit on Human Body Systems this week with lessons on the Excretory System. I am excited to begin our Owl Pellet dissection in the next few weeks. More information will follow.


P.E. - Monday and Wednesday

Music - Tuesday

Library - Thursday