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Nobel Prize In Medicine For Three U.S. Researchers

The Nobel Prize for Medicine has been awarded to three scientists who work in the U.S.: James Rothman, Randy Schema and the German-born Thomas Suchow. Has announced that the Nobel Committee.
They are honored for "their discoveries of the mechanism that regulates the main transport system in our cells. The award for their medical examination is the first Nobel Prize awarded this year. The price of 8 million Swedish kronor, about 920,000 Euros, is awarded in December.

In the coming days for Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economics. The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced Thursday, it was determined today.
Netherlands won the Nobel Prize for Medicine twice. In 1924 the jury most of the Leiden physician Willem Einthoven, who electrocardiography (heart rate) has invented In 1929 the price to Christian Eijkman, who played an important role in the discovery of vitamins. Went
Coming new cancer centers uncertain
Dutch Cancer Institute / Antonio van Leeuwenhoek Hospital in Amsterdam on an archive photo from 2008.
The arrival of four new cancer centers has become uncertain because the insurance companies are refusing to reimburse treatments. There is doubt as to the effectiveness of the new form of radiation that would be applied, the so-called proton therapy. Message that.