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Capital city,=offical name is the Republic Of Maldives

Capital City=Male


as of 2014

Maldives Phisacal Feater

maldives under water resturant


  • The Maldives was know to cran seafares and many have been in habition as earely as 2000B.C.
  • Acording to legend marccon traveld Abul Barakal Yauf al-Babari,drove out a deomon by reading from the Qur'an
  • By the 18600's,Indiana merchants from bombay had settled in the Maldives and assumend control of its forgein traid.
  • Tourisoum was introuduced in 1972 and has become the main stay of the economy.

People and Places

  • Maldivesisain archipeligo of opproximatly 1,190 tiny islands
  • The islands Tola land area is about the size of malta and almost twice the size of washington D.C
  • Maldives men usally wear T-shirt with shorts,carval trousers,ora songs.
  • Some women cover theur hair with scarf to emenstrate the commentment to Islam

Life Style

  • On local islandes men arrenged aged primary in small scale fishing while women responsible for chilren rering and house hold duties
  • They conider adults at age 21
  • The 2004 sun amides trayed or damaged many house built with tradtion materials such as floral andceent.
  • When the child is seven days old, her or she is formally given a name.


  • The Maldives economy is very heavely dependent on tourism more than than 5000,000 tourist visit the nation.
  • Many maldives teenagers choose to work in order to support their family.
  • Family to cover main costs the lassmia blood conditions requeriy regular lafujoys is a sensos problem.
  • The country is home to a major fish canning facillity.

Three intresting facts

  • The size of Malta and almost twice the size of Washington D.C.
  • When asking questions Maldivians often shake air uptured hand from side to side.
  • Men smoke cigarette in public but it is considerd in apporopite for women


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